A Relic

I got asked to do some labels on the manual typewriter.  I looked at the paper like it came from outerspace.  Not that I have not seen a label before, in fact, I do it all the time but I haven’t typed in an old manual typewriter for so many years.  I didn’t even notice that we still have a couple running.

I tried practicing on a piece of paper on how to use it before I did the final.  The task was simple.  Type “NT(#)”.  How difficult was that?  Good thing I did because the other manual typewriter didn’t align the type straight anymore, it’s probably just waiting for one last straw before it breaks down.  The other, an electric typewriter was better.  It took a few minutes before I finally felt confident that I could type the labels correctly, meaning I know where shift key is.

Good thing I did.  Out of 11 labels I forgot the shift key once.  And when I tried correcting it, there was no correction tape in the machine.  Maybe they don’t manufacture them anymore.

I could do complex and complicated documents in a computer.  But now, the thought of working on a manual typewriter is daunting, no matter how small the job is.  Funny how one like me who’s constantly typing forgets even the simplest thing when it’s done manually.

Though some things are said to be better when done by hands, the long way, typing is not one of them.  I just hope they get rid of the relic soon so no one at work would need to deal with it. 

Good riddance!  That’s a thing of the past.

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