Diet Calvary

Sheryl, our WW instructor was back today from her five week trip to China.  She weighed me in.  “Were you expecting this?”  Showing me the verdict.  +2.2 lbs.  That was my gain for the week.

I’ve been complaining of the fact that it took 8 weeks for me to get rid of the 5 lbs. I gained while we had a break in our session.  For a new WW starter, 5 lbs. is normally what one loses in a week.  And here I am, it took me 2 months to get back to my weight when the last session ended.  And it’s been a difficult climb since then.  Getting rid of the fat is like my own climb to Mt. Calvary, so many obstacles and too many falls.

Of course I wasn’t expecting to gain that much.  But I knew what brought me there.  As I recall I had one baby (individual) deep dish pizza when Karen came for a visit.  I had one too many of the Pringles one night while watching tv.  Although I’ve been bringing salad for lunch, I’m almost famished by the time I get home and I’d dig for more rice than usual.  They said don’t eat if you’re full, I had a taste for microwave popcorn the other night, after dinner and I ate the whole bag!  The new sandwich they offered at Corner Bakery when Mary and I met, seemed to be calling my name and tempting – slices of chicken breast, grilled red pepper, slices of avocado sandwich with a freshly baked wheat bread – crispy on the outside and soft in the inside with some peppery spices.  A sandwich that good doesn’t wait for another meal to be finished, otherwise it’ll become soggy and unappetizing.  Me thinks, isn’t that right?

And I almost forgot, Mom cooked pancit one morning.  That must have been Saturday and pancit being one of my favorite comfort foods, I could eat it anytime.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It must have been a few days before we finished it all.  And tomorrow, I’m going to Wi’s church for the Seven Last Words and later I heard they are having a get together.  THERE is another challenge!

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