Staying in Touch

His email has its own distinct characteristics.  It does not come in alphabet, rather it is sort of like 6 tiny slim domino sticks, sort of teeny-weeny or better yet, minute Stonehenge.  I already know where it’s from the moment I see that sign.  It’s from my friend Yukio.

After 35 years of not having known where each of us were, he’s making sure that our means of communication is not broken this time.  He told me that his time in their Osaka office is now over.  He once speculated that he will be transferred to another country as in the past but this time, he’s being moved back to their main offices in Tokyo.  And he was sending me his new email address.  “Let’s stay in touch.” he wrote.

I am thrilled that he’s spending years in Tokyo.  At least I won’t have to travel far next time to see him.  I could just spend some days in Tokyo on my way home in the future, or as he wrote before, he’ll take any opportunity to come and visit me next time he’s being sent to the U.S.

I can’t wait to see him and meet his family.  Yukio has always been very serious and from what I read, in the speeches that he’s written and given as a cultural representative of his country, he has not changed much.  I expect him to be the same scholar, a pragmatist and philosophical person I once knew.

Who would have known that we will be friends this long, even forever?

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