The Prospect of Joining the Circus

My childhood friends Nandy and B. Florendo posted a news clipping at our reunion website of a recent wedding in our town.  Nandy and B have formed a group, sort of a barkada, from their 1966 class from elementary school.  I am sort of adopted, I graduated from Mindoro a year later.

The wedding was of course officiated by our beloved Monsignor Avila, a native of Santa and another member of that ’66 class.  Out of their small barkada, I noticed four of them were ninongs with their wives, including some of my relatives.  It was amazing how long the list was. When counted it was about 60 of the prominent current or former residents of our small town.  Sixty!

I immediately sent an email to Nandy asking if there was anyone left in town who was not a part of the wedding party.  He laughed, he said the last wedding was even bigger.  The principal sponsors came to a count of a hundred.  That’s 100!

And then I came back to my senses.  In 5 years when I return home, it won’t take long before I too will be a part of this circus.  Mom said that’s tantamount to commercializing the wedding.  It happens in baptisms too.  While it may look that way, am sure it was more than that.  Maybe the sponsors are close family members or friends of the family and didn’t want to leave out anyone. 

If asked, I too would never be able to refuse ’cause common sensibilities dictate that you cannot offend the asking party.  It is considered an honor, never mind that you will be one of too many.  From now on the new couple will forever be indebted, honored and grateful for your witnessing their most special day in life.  You just hope that you don’t forget it because there will be more requests to come.

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