Revisiting an Old Home

There must be life after Multiply.  There is a mad dash among my friends to migrate out of Multiply.  The news that the website owners decided to get rid of their services for social networking and instead make it exclusively for ecommerce leaves a bitter taste in the bloggers’ mouth.  Well, they really can’t blame us and am one of them – Multiply was our first home blog.  I have met a lot of my later important friendships through Multiply which the other social networking sites are not able to provide – even Face Book.

It took some work to find this old home.  If I remember it right, I created this blog when some purportedly network friends whom I also met in person in one of my trips home, started to attack me verbally.  It turned out that they didn’t like some of my virtual friends who were writing in their own dialect and they thought I wouldn’t mind staging their displeasure in my site.  To make a long story short, I have since banished them from my list of friends.

However, this didn’t take off as well as Multiply.  My friends were all so entrenched at the site but later many of them got sidetracked and moved on to other interests and created their own paid sites.  And who would have thought that I would come back here.

I think I will keep this for sentimental reasons.  I have started some postings here and now reading back, I have written about the times when my Mom got first diagnosed of her cancer.  It is hard to look for a better home now.  I might as well capitalize on what I have started 4 years ago.

Also, it is a good time to restart this again.  Like this blog, last month I restarted at my old job but with more responsibilities.  New is not always better, sometimes old is greater – it is familiar and a comfort zone has already  been established.

I am not even editing what I wrote 4 years ago how I felt when I started this blog.  It sounds so providential.

So I beckoned you to come a long time ago but you never came so this time, let’s try it again and I hope you stay.


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3 Responses to Revisiting an Old Home

  1. Katisha says:

    hi Tita Lou…maganda tong nandito ka..para matanong kita pano gawin ang ibang blogs ko (haha…..ang nangyari sa blogs kong iba sa MP which I have tried to back-up here for senti reasons…e shempre naka start ng August even though back in 2008 and earlier pa yon…I wonder if pwede ma-edit ang date..baka di nga).

    anyway, see you around here..though am at a loss now how to see this..meron bang parang Inbox dito para ang posts mo lulutang sa akin?


  2. bebs1 says:

    Even though I have been here since 2008, I haven’t really explored it well. Just like now, it was only by accident that I found the reply button to your comment. Try to check on the RSS Feed on the right side. I think one of them is a button that tells you when there is a new entry.


  3. Katisha says:

    probably depends on the theme you use…some designs its almost intuitive for a user to look for the buttons for functions…


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