Lunch Out

After my first try of the cafeteria food at work, I have since then brought my lunch from home. Not always home cooked but it is always cheaper and tastier than the offerings there.

Apparently we all agree that the cafeteria food is expensive and not a good value for the price. Many times the staff eat out or if they decide to get a quick bite, they would get a salad and stay at their desks.

I don’t always go with them, preferring to be alone. If we have a full staff, I would stay in the cafeteria where I could warm my food and play with my iPhone after eating until it is time for me to get back at my desk. At least I get to checkout the weather through the windows and enjoy the view.

But I don’t want them to get into the habit of not expecting me each time they ask. I have promised myself to go with them once or twice a week because there is a need to know on my side what’s going on with the client. Even though I support two partners, my role demands that I be a team member as 70% of my work now supports the engagement. Thus I am required to attend team meetings and when partners asked us to eat out as a group, I am expected to go.

But going to lunch with staff young enough to be my grandchildren could have their down/upside. Work was briefly mentioned but we talked little about our lives after 5. It gets better, as I noticed we get more comfortable with each other and communication at work is easier.

We went to Portillo and I had the chicken pecan salad. I thought I would have greens with pieces of pecans in the mix. To my surprise, they topped it with maybe a half cup of pecan in a caramel sauce. As a Filipino, I am used to having savory items mixed in with sweeteners, like sweet ketchup or Pinoy style spaghetti but my salad was like having dessert at the same time. That topping would have been better on top of an ice cream.

That just made my left-over steak a more appealing lunch for tomorrow.

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