Stormy Weather

No wonder I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. It was dark outside and raining – best elements for a longer stay in bed.

It is bliss living so close to work. It was 6:15 by the time I finally started my day – warmed water for coffee and fed the cats. I sat by the sofa, enjoying my coffee with cinnamon-raisin toast from Panera as I watched and listen to the pitter-patter of the rain. The tennis court of course is empty but a solitary basket of unused balls. It is too bad that I never really got serious in learning the game when I could still run and more agile – and lighter. LOL That seems so long ago.

And oh, I even had plenty of time reading multiply and checking out two of my favorite bloggers I stalk who happen to have WordPress. BlauEarth’s is so nice which convinces me that I will make this my home. I am already getting reminders from the host site to upgrade. I found Riknakem in her blog roll with a simpler set up but I like what he writes. His site is hosted also by WordPress. Check them out and you will understand what I mean.

I managed to unpack one box for the kitchen last night. I have several more but the ones I need are all shelved and hang. Am looking forward to Sunday when Uncle Rudy could come and set up my bed and hung some pictures. Am getting there.

Yesterday from work, I passed by the leasing office to pick up my cards for the laundry and fitness center, and also the label for my mailbox which I lost. Somehow, I went home with just the laundry card but what happened to the label? That means I have to drop there again tonight to get it in case I have mails coming in. And to remind them about the dishwasher which was supposed to arrive and get installed last Monday and it is now Thursday. Not that I need it but I just want to know when someone is coming in my absence. Sara comes in today and she has my fitness card which I wonder when it will get some use.

Also I left a message with the concierge to tell the Ilocana lady whom I met when I was applying, to call me since I lost her number. Sara told me that she lives across the tennis court. I didn’t try to get her number as I know they will not give it to me but I always remember her now especially that she lost her husband last year, just like my friend. With this rain am sure they could use some company. I wonder how they feel when the weather seems depressing to many.

Maybe I will pass by the store too to pick up some meat for soup, veggies and fruits. I have plenty of noodles in my pantry – got to use them to lessen my food inventory. But if I go to the store that is unlikely to happen.

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