Discovering Apple

Am a latecomer.  It is only now that I have finally caught up with the wonders of the technology of Apple!

After my computer of 4 years broke and after asking the advice of my cousins in LA who are all Mac-users, I have finally bought a MacBook Pro.  It is only small and basic but I think it will be perfect for what I need it for.  I have an office issue computer but lately we have been having problems with connecting with the internet from the client site that I’d had it.  Besides I would rather use my own for uploading pictures and blogging.

I was going to wait till next month but I’ve gotten tired of calling our HelpDesk.  And now I brought home the computer, put in my wifi password and it is all set to go.  And everything is synchronized with my phone.

I also downloaded the WP application to my phone and now I could go to my blogsite anytime, something that I could not do with Multiply.  It takes some getting used to though, somehow I lost the reply of a friend while checking it through my phone.  Am sorry Kat!

Am one who easily gets intimidated with technology but to my surprise, this Mac is so easy to use.  I can’t wait to be able to navigate comfortably in all its features especially editing pictures.

It was amazing to see all those people at the Apple Store.  It was like a marketplace.  Unbelievable!  The store was filled and yet my salesperson said it was a slow day.  I wonder how a busy day would be like, I wouldn’t want to be there.



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