Labor Day weekend

I haven’t had a long weekend like this. The past 25 years I toiled hard everyday, having a full time and a week-end part-time. The part-time got outsourced which perhaps was heaven’s way of telling me “enough already” and my full-time job now extends our three-day holidays an extra day.

While the extra money from a part-time was good then and am sure it helped in the end, I missed out on a lot of things. There were many events that I let pass like hanging-out with my family, relatives and friends. Before, if the party was not after five pm you could count me out or even if it was, there were many times I was just too tired to even consider it. Now I could enjoy them.

This Labor Day is my first four-day holiday. I spent 2 days at the Greek Fest, Saturday was Lisa’s bridal shower and yesterday I hang out with my aunts and uncles. It was a small group of us at Uncle Greg & Auntie Cely’s house (Lisa’s parents), Lisa, Uncle Sixto & Auntie Sally and Auntie Tessie, Auntie Cely’s sister who came from New York for the shower.

It was an impromptu lunch that extended to dinner although I skipped that part as we ate late. Uncle Sixto brought a dozen for each of us yummy empanadas and cooked pansit. Pansit person that I am, I skipped that one – there were too many comfort food besides. Filipino favorites all – pork barbecue, grilled tilapia, kare-kare, steamed camote tops and okra dipped in bagoong (fish sauce) and vinegar, lumpiang Shanghai and fresh fruits.


They told me it was going to be around 2-3:00 pm so I finished off some left-over beef nilaga while finishing my laundry. At least I was able to do one home chore.

Lisa and I were the last ones to leave at 8:00 pm. As usual Auntie Cely packed for me a generous amount of left-overs to save me from cooking when I come home tired from work. My aunts never fail to spoil me.

I do relish get togethers like this. Hectic but fun, I feel I could use another vacation after this. I couldn’t wait for the next four-day weekend holiday – Thanksgiving Day.

Auntie Tessie



Pork on a stick barbecue – another Pinoy favorite

Nothing beats boiled fresh vegetables dipped in bagoong (fish sauce) with vinegar or squeezed calamansi

Fresh fruits to cleanse the palate

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