Savoring a lazy weekend


My body has been clamoring for this and I have been looking forward to this weekend since last night the moment my body hits the bed.

Sure I just had a long four-days’ weekend but I have been so busy that I practically was tired driving all over town.  And it didn’t help that I had to go to the downtown office for two days.  I drove one day and yesterday I took the train when rain threatened so I carried my umbrella but all we got was gray skies.

I know it is a long walk but I promised my doctor that I will go back to a healthier lifestyle to hold my diabetes at bay.  We have three swimming pools, a couple of fitness centers open 24/7, tennis courts but I don’t play the game but I am contemplating how I am going to take my walk late this afternoon.  It is too cold for the pool now and with the temperature getting cooler, I am sure I could manage a walk.  I just feel more comfortable doing it with a buddy.

I have nothing in my calendar this weekend and am not complaining.  I woke up reading book two of Fifty Shades (Darker).  It’s been awhile since I have curled up with a book, it is not the best book I’ve read but I am breezing through it.  Now I have started cooking fish sinigang (Filipino soup) for my lunch.  I had only one phone call otherwise the phones are silent now.  I got the tv turned on to Food Channel but it is all white noise.

In between am downloading photos from my former blogsite to here and am making progress.

Tomorrow I will go to church and probably pick up some stuff at Target, do a load of laundry and perhaps check on my work email to see if the Academy still needs help with the alumni list.  That is if my work computer will work after the rewav which was why I was in the office yesterday.  Other than that I could live with weekends like this.

My sister is off this weekend but she must be catching up on her sleep after working two jobs for a couple of weeks now so I won’t call her but I hope she drops by tomorrow.  I love spending time with her.

I still have two big boxes to unpack but it could wait . . . am just enjoying and savoring this kind of weekend.

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