My WP blog is not ready to interface with FB

Curiosity kills the cat.

I wondered how it will be if I publicize my journal entries in Facebook.  WordPress gives you several choices of social networking sites where you can get more traffic to your blog.  Since I am only in Facebook, I chose that one but I regretted it the moment I pressed the key.

I’ve been writing basically for myself and in the process I’ve met a lot of good people through my blog.  It is time consuming but it is all worth it.  Not only does it keep you busy but you learn a lot and you get to meet people you might not know otherwise. Those are the type of readers I want, they like to blog too which already gives you one point of compatibility.  If you don’t share the same interest or if you feel you have divergent values, then you can just ignore them.

Many of my FaceBook friends are related to me.  They are not into reading my thoughts expressed in so many paragraphs.  They want something they could read in a second, a sentence.  Which is fine too.  So I don’t want to burden them with what’s going on in my life in a lengthy way.

I deleted the WordPress application in my FaceBook.  But I could still see it here in my dashboard.  Oh boy, do you think the link will show in my FB timeline?

I am hoping not.  A small group of readers is fine with me, I will be grateful.

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