Changing lenses

Funky, huh?

Eye lenses.

I am still hoping someone will find my reading glasses at work.  It is air light and rimless so it is so easy to blend in but the bad side of it is, it is hard to find when you misplace or lose it.

I went back to wearing contact lenses today, I figured the absence of my reading glasses would be much easier to remedy.  At least I could see at a distance and I could buy cheap reading glasses at the pharmacy.

As it turned out my cousin, Junior, lent me his reading glasses when I parked my car at his store.  Yes, I worked downtown today.  I also picked some sunglasses at his store which he won’t let me pay.  My prescription sunglasses of course won’t work together with my contact lens.

Jun’s reading glasses turned out to be too weak.  Lynn had a collection of reading glasses from her past bosses and I picked the funkiest.  It could only be Karen’s, my former backup whom Lynn replaced when she got ill with brain tumor.  (The thought of her made me call her tonight and she sounds so great – it is altogether another blog – can’t wait to see her.)

It was better than the first one but still I had some difficulty reading.  My eyes turned so red as the office was so dry and I was also reading very fine prints and working on a spreadsheet in the computer most of the time.  I must get some eye drops tomorrow to help me.

My contact lenses have remained unopened since I ordered them two years ago.  Good thing they won’t expire until the end of the year.  For many years, they used to be more convenient for me, I don’t know why I got lazy.  I think it all started when I worked at the Academy.  It was just easier to grab my eyeglasses – of course it got foggy in the winter, got smudged a lot but I wore my prescription eyeglasses more for driving and my eyes could read very clearly in close range.

Now if I find it again I promise I will take care of it until it is replaced.  I miss it so.

What do you think are the chances that someone would find it?  It would be short of a miracle.

I had lunch with two of my friends at work – this is the view from where we sat

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