Am now a library card holder

After finishing the trilogy of books I was reading, I am in a roll to read more. This “not working over the weekend” is a novelty for me. As if there is not enough going on in this world to watch on TV and follow through 24/7, sometimes the absence of noise appeals to me. Reading relaxes me.

So after doing several errands this morning, having had a heavy breakfast of garlic fried rice, some fried dried fish and two over easy eggs, I was heavily fortified to not think of food for a while and I did a lot. On my way home I reminded myself to drop by the library. I’ve always had library cards wherever we lived and I have forgotten how easy it was to get one.

Indian Prairie Library

Also I love the “Note” application in my iPhone as I could easily check while at the store what I went there for, instead of going home empty handed. I also used my Amazon application to find the name of my favorite author while at the library – Philippa Gregory. But that is for next time now since I already grabbed three books.

Two are new arrivals – Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris, a Sookie Stackhouse novel. Lynn introduced me to that – it is a story of vampires, fairies and werewolves but funny. The hit TV series True Blood is based on these books.

A Jeffery Archer paperback caught my eye first, Only Time Will Tell. When I was heavily into reading, he was one of my favorites. The librarian gave it a thumbs up.

When I was checking out the aisles for Philippa Gregory books as I saw a new book of hers in which I was thinking of buying used, the librarian came to find me and told me that the Archer book I was holding is the second series of two books. She handed me the first – The Sins of the Father.

I have started reading the Sookie book as it is fast reading and then I will go to the Archer books. I got to finish them all in two weeks as the books I picked can only be taken out for two weeks. Older books can be returned in three weeks but I need to read that first to get to the new one. That will just encourage me to go back to reading more and faster.

I love this library just like I did with the one we had in Woodridge before. But since I’ve been working everyday of the week while living in Woodridge, I never really stopped long enough to check their extra services. I found the Indian Prairie one is more inviting and there are plenty of inviting chairs, benches, corners with tables to read by the windows and they have a much used computer section.

It was about three when I decided to leave – my stomach was starting to growl, reminding me that I’m way past lunchtime.

Now I know where I could hang out next time. I wish they have a coffee shop inside. Which is perhaps a way to tell me that I could practically do that at home, cocooned in the comfort of my lazy boy. Right?

Real comfy

Uhmmmm . . .

Computer section

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4 Responses to Am now a library card holder

  1. arlene1027 says:

    Love the library, you’re lucky you have many choices there. I have a virtual library at Goodreads but most of my much-loved books were lost during the flood three years ago. You read Jeffrey Archer too?


  2. bebs1 says:

    Oh yes, I try to use it whenever I can because books can be very expensive, even the used ones which is how I buy them at Amazon when I do. I also have Goodreads and I’ve been reading Silas Marner but it is very slow. Well at least you have a choice.

    And like you I like Jeffery Archer. It’s been a long time though since I read last of his books.


  3. arlene1027 says:

    Wow, you’re at Goodreads too? Please add me up…..


  4. bebs1 says:

    There you go. I downloaded from my phone so I didn’t get to see all that information. I guess you are my first buddy. Thank you!


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