Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

This is my first entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge. Focus: Everyday life. My everyday life is work and home, not much variety there but the weekend is a busy time for me as I get to meet up with my family and friends.

Sunday starts with attending the holy mass in the morning and today I made sure I attended the 8:30 schedule as after I had to drive 42 miles to where I used to live to meet up with my former neighbor and friend, Ginger. We originally planned of going apple picking in Wisconsin and it is a good thing that we didn’t because where she planned to drive was about two hours away. Instead we decided to pick our apples at the Farmers’ Market in Mt. Prospect.

My interest to go to the market is not so much for apples but more on finding my current craze of green plums.

The first time I saw green plums was in Face Book when a former blog buddy posted pictures of them. So the moment I saw them at my favorite Asian Store, I grabbed a few to taste test. They were sweet and juicy and its taste is very similar to a fruit we have in the Philippines, we call siniguelas (spondias purpurea), but what we call the “native” variety or green one. Siniguelas was one of my favorite fruits of summer growing up in the Philippines.

Green plums

She told me the Mt. Prospect market was going to be a big one. It sounded like a promise that I will find my green plums there. To my disappointment though they only had one variety although there were many apples, nectarines, peaches and some berries.

Many came with their dogs. Many markets don’t allow them but they did there. I have nothing against them as long as they are trained well. I could see a dog in my future but for now I am happy with my two cats.

At the Farmers’ Market

Ginger’s daughter, Julie, came with us too. We met a friend of hers there who was one of the vendors. I asked Julie’s friend’s daughter if I could take a photo of her and she enthusiastically obliged.

What a great sport!

After picking up some honey-crisp apples and a book which was being sold for a charity, we went to lunch to Steak ‘n Shake. Would you believe it was my first? As I mentioned in my previous blog, am not too crazy about sweets which was the impression I get when you say shake.

There is quite a population of German-descendants in Chicago so many is celebrating Oktoberfest. I know you suspect it is hyped up and smacks of commercialism, but one more festival in the calendar is welcome. I ordered, as you guessed, Oktoberfest hamburger. It had ham, sautéed onions in mustard or was that sauerkraut? Whatever it was, I liked it. It came with shoestring fries, very tasty.

Oktoberfest Hamburger

Berry drink

And here are my partners in crime for the day.

My friend Ginger with daughter, Julie

After lunch we walked next door to the World Market which was another first for me. Ginger bought some hysterically funny greeting cards and a mask to add to her Halloween costume.


Oh wow,it matched her shirt too! Perfect.

I liked that store. If am not watching my budget am sure I could have brought home many stuff from there. But I summoned my inner sense of frugality, my purchase was limited to a tube of tomato paste and Malabar black pepppercorns.

Indian lanterns

And oh, a pillar candle to go with my Indian lantern at home. Labeled Asian poppy,it smells of berries, apples and gardenia. All my favorite scents and it’s colored red too.

There was also a chest that would perfectly go in my bedroom but I don’t know if I am willing to invest that much money in furniture now. I told Julie I will get it when it is reduced to 50% off.

We also went to TJMaxx and I bought a couple of stuff for my kitchen.

On the way home Ginger offered to go with me to the Asian store, reminding me about the green plums but I told her I’ve had enough shopping already for the day but in the end, on my way home I decided to check anyway if they have them. And yeeeees!

They do taste as good as when I first had them. Life is sweet!

Don’t step away from life

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