A crisp Fall day

Today turned out to be very beautiful. There was an early morning chill and I bundled myself well: a sweater, a pashmina and underneath a long sleeve top.

From our office I could see the tree tops swaying. We all said it must be cold outside but I decided to take a walk and get some fresh air just to feel it myself. I figured if my sweater is not enough I’d simply come back. To my pleasant surprise, it was a perfect day. It was bright and sunny and the temperature was 70 deg. F. Just the way I like it.

My baby sister came to visit with me and I grilled some fish for my dinner and for her to bring home where she’ll share dinner with her husband. She brought home the rice I just cooked so she doesn’t have to bother when she gets home. For dessert she brought me some ice cream from McDonald’s. She liked it so much she said she’s been eating it everyday. After dinner we decided to take a brief walk outside, to shake those calories and at the same time to dispose of the garbage.

What a night. We wore our coats and it is really a nice evening for a stroll but it was late to go farther.

We wished we could have gone out earlier, shopping or something. But instead we spent our time together just lazing around, calling our sister and nieces in the Philippines. Maybe I shouldn’t complain. We both work so hard, we deserve the break.

I don’t feel bad that we stayed home but we just let a crisp Fall day go by. Looking forward to many more nice days like this.

Happy Fall!

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