My kind of Monday

Today I worked downtown.  Although am not too fond of going there because of the long walk with a heavy computer I have to lug around, I like it when I am busy.

I will be going downtown for probably three more weeks except for a day or two at the client or at our touchdown office space by the airport, just like tomorrow.

I was thinking this would be my opportunity to keep in touch with former co-workers like Joyce at the law office when my friend told me that our lunch breaks are now shortened to half hour. Of course one can make exception on someone’s birthday but you can’t do it too often.  Half hour is too short but maybe one of these days I’ll just meet her at a food court where service is fast.  Eat and run!  Am already getting an indigestion just thinking about it.

At noon I met with Yo and Dave in our cafeteria.  It is a nice break, to get away from your desk.  I enjoyed the company and the view from our cafeteria is awesome.

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