My Garden Mosaic

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I once had a garden blog.  Well I think I still do.  Why the ambivalence?

Well I quit blogging there when I sold my house which meant my garden went with it.  

After that my mother and I moved to a garden apartment.  I wish it really was literally a garden one – there was no garden except it was sub-ground level, halfway to a basement.  From my kitchen window which was eye level to the ground outside, all one could see were the hedges, a hibiscus plant and in the Spring, a handful of tulips which my friend planted before I came.

The second summer I was there, Ginger told me I could plant my Indian spinach or what we call in our Filipino dialect as alugbati in the ground which I’ve coached to grow in a small jar filled with water before I went to bring home my ailing mother to the Philippines.  After a month, it was growing wild in my bathroom, it’s leaves turning yellow with brown spots and its tendrils were long and skinny.  It was anemic although it got plenty of natural light in my bathroom window.

On her own, Ginger planted some tomatoes which didn’t grow very well because she planted them under the hibiscus and too close to the hedge.  Unintentionally, she gave me a sunny spot so my alugbati grew like the beanstalk in the fairy tale.  I’ve harvested it several times and have managed to share its tender leaves to my sister and friends.

After my dear Mother passed away in February this year, suddenly things turned around. I am back in my old job and I have moved closer to my assignment which is in the suburbs. Am sure my Mom moved heaven’s door and is watching for me to have this good fortune.

I still don’t have a garden but I have a tiny patio.  My neighbors all have hanging plants – maybe that’s the most I will have next Spring.  It is too late now to invest in them and besides I never had any luck with indoor plants – not quite like gardening in the ground.  I only have a large pony tail plant from my former house and a tiny potted plant my co-workers gave me on my birthday two years ago.

This is turning out to be a long story which does not even answer the ambivalence in my first statement.

Well I thought I should revisit My Garden Mosaic, which is a Multiply blog.  To my surprise it converted itself to a Blogger site, keeping everything intact.  I decided to write a short blog just to lay claim to it.

I still don’t know what to do with it.  As I said, I no longer have a garden.

Meantime that I don’t know what to do, you can go and visit it:

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