Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine – For my eyes only

Mine. Is there a place, object, or view that’s entirely yours, or you’re a bit selfish or possessive about? Is it a feeling you feel when you look at the photo, or perhaps an unwillingness to share? I get rather possessive about that first cup of coffee in the morning. It’s definitely mine and I want it all to myself.

Share a picture that means MINE to you!

I wouldn’t see the world as they are without these

This is the Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine.

I know there is only one thing which is very important to me that wouldn’t fit anyone because they are meant for me – my prescription lenses: contacts, reading glasses and sunglasses. I would be blind as a mice without them, in combination.

They say as you get older your eyes get clearer. Well I could see clearly when I am reading or looking at my computer; however, things gets blurry a couple of meters away. I could not watch tv or recognize somebody at a distance without my prescription glasses. To fix that, I must wear contact lens to see things from a distance and drive without the help of the other but it becomes an embarrassment when I read a restaurant menu. Imagine stretching your arm with the menu on your hand to find out if tonight’s dinner is going to be fish, steak or chicken. Or as I found out this weekend, taking pictures with my contacts is not such a great idea as focusing is very difficult. My pictures this weekend were mostly blurry – it was definitely a hit or miss, it was like taking a picture blind.

Someone said getting old is bad as hell. Well a little. I got to remember what combination of glasses/lenses I need to bring each time I leave the house. It is great wearing my extended contact lens because I could see things when I wake up. But when I wear that going out, I have to remember to bring non-prescription sunglasses to block the sun.

Otherwise I’d have to leave with both my prescription glasses. As if it’s not bad enough already to remember bringing one thing, you also have to remember the right combination of things to carry with you or you can’t leave home without them. It’s no surprise that a couple of times I’ve driven at night wearing my prescription sunglasses as I forgot the clear one.

I was miserable when I thought I lost my prescription glasses even though I went back to wearing contact lens. Am still not decided which one is better over the other. Or maybe because it’s time to visit my eye doctor once again.

Only thing I am sure is, if I lose my eyeglasses it is not because someone wanted it, but it is because I misplaced them or just simply lost. They are useless to someone else but me.

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