A taste of Winter already?

This should have been a very beautiful day for golf if only the temperature was up a little bit and there was no wind.  The sun was up and bright but there was this breeze that froze us in the field.

Today was the 5th Annual Golf Outing of the Hellenic American Academy where I used to work and Vicky, Eleni and I helped Dora out who is the yearly chair of this event.  Not knowing anything about golf, we were there to watch if someone could get a hole-in-one and also to ask people to bet $10 that their ball would land on the greens.  The hole-in-one price was for $10 grand.

Three years ago when I first helped out they said that I would have a better chance of being hit by a lightning than see that happen.  Why didn’t they say I had a better chance of winning the lottery?  But anyway we had three players who landed their ball in the 8th greens.  I guess that’s remarkable being that the distance was 150 feet from the 7th hole.

Good thing our watch ended at 1:30 when someone from the country club came to tell us to go back in to the club.  We were freezing out there even though I was wearing thermal and I had three layers of clothing on and I didn’t get a chance to buy those $1 knitted gloves at Walgreens as I was already running late.  My hands weren’t too bad and it’s a good thing I had a huge wool scarf that I wrapped around my head and covered my neck.  But when I was driving the golf cart I could feel that icy temperature in my face even worse than sitting down under the sun.

The highest the temperature went up to today was 53 deg. F, am sure the windchill was way below.  Most of the guys dropped by the club to get a shot of ouzo to warm them up and I must have drank so many cups of coffee the whole day.

And of course tomorrow they predicted the weather to be warming up.  It was already warm and the wind has died down by the time I got home at 7:00 pm.

Next year they promised it will be in June when the weather would be more temperate although last year in June it was at the other end of the spectrum – it was a sizzling 105 degree.

Can’t win with nature really.  If this is Fall, then how bad can our Winter be?

[Okay I still need to learn how to do that new gallery feature.]

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6 Responses to A taste of Winter already?

  1. it’s so cold here too. feels like we’re in the cusp of a very cold winter.


  2. bebs1 says:

    Where are you? I am waiting for Indian Summer. I am not ready for this.


  3. arlene1027 says:

    You’re doing fine with the gallery thing Lou 🙂 We’re having a nice weather here, although it still rains now and then!


  4. Love the vivid pictures that are full of warmth and joy. Even if it was a cold day than usual, the smiles and amazing sceneries warmed the whole event. Last Sunday, is was unusually cold in Houston too. We had a church bazaar and I thought it was chilly. Today, back to the warm weather…Texas style!


  5. bebs1 says:

    I wanted to tweak it so it comes out right but it does not work. Next blog! Maybe the rain is welcomed there to temper the heat?


  6. bebs1 says:

    Thank you! I love helping them out, these people embraced me when I needed help so I try to help whenever I can.


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