Almost a perfect weekend

Sundays like this are made for dreaming. Or as my friend said, for snuggling but for someone like me, I’d rather finish my book (the middle part since I jumped to the end) but there’s laundry to do and yesterday before I went out I put some dry rub on two slabs of ribs. So it is now cooking in the oven, getting them ready for brown bagging to work this coming week. I also wonder how many variants of rib dishes I could make out of it after they are tenderized.

Or maybe rainy Sundays are meant for work people to relax and take things slowly. I wanted to get some room fragrance for the bathroom and pick up the paper after Mass but I decided instead to drop by the apartment first for lunch after which I went for a pedicure and then the rain came pouring down. And I didn’t carry with me an umbrella as the sun came out brightly when I left. Fickle weather!

This was worst than yesterday when it was damp and wet but mostly showers although by the time Viv got out of the bank it all came down like water out of a bucket.

I started my day with a visit to my hairdresser, Rosemarie. I stopped going to her shop when I moved farther away and now am glad to be back closer to the area. After that I went to pick up my friend Viv. We had a lunch date at Bodhi Thai Bistro, this great Thai place she and her husband introduced me to in their neighborhood.

Benny was with us the last time we were there and it is hard to believe that he’s passed away for a year now. Am happy that Viv is starting to adjust and coping well with his absence. Shortly after he died, their dog Rambo was put to sleep too because of old age. But rambunctious Sly keeps her company.

They say dogs are man’s bestfriend. It is so true no matter what others say about them.

Am glad to have visited Viviene, I hardly see her since she lives quite a distance from all of us.

The afternoon continued to another event I attended with my aunt. It will be another blog since I have been working on the gallery and am having the most difficult time. Besides I took quite a number of photos it deserves a journal entry of its own.

The laundry is finished now and the ribs are cooked but I promised to give one slab to my sister when I meet her at Costco tomorrow for their dinner.

And geeze, it is almost bedtime. Oooooh, I don’t want the weekend to end yet.

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8 Responses to Almost a perfect weekend

  1. TBM says:

    I busy one. And I never want it to end either.


  2. bebs1 says:

    I think we should all have long weekends, don’t you think so?


  3. Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I hope this will be welcome news for you. Some people choose not to participate, others enjoy the opportunity to visit new-to-you blogs and to be visited by new-to-you bloggers. To read more about the award and accepting this nomination, visit my post at


  4. arlene1027 says:

    What book are you reading Lou? Wanna make a gallery like this, but haven’t got around to reading how it’s done! Natatamad akong mag blog 😦


  5. bebs1 says:

    It is easy. Do as you would a gallery setting, order your images by descending or ascending order, indicate how many columns you want. Save gallery and you will get this [gallery] in your blog. To insert a tiled gallery, add the relevant short code after “gallery”:


    So my code for this blog is [gallery type="rectangular"].

    My only problem with this set up is you can only use one gallery in one blog. I had to redo my blog because I wanted to put everything I did for a day in one blog with separate galleries but it does’t work.

    You can do it.

    Oh the book I am reading is Karen Harper’s Shaker Run. It is a mystery-thriller, the first time I’ve read a book by the author. It is good but once in a while I get the urge to read the end and then go back because I couldn’t stand to find out what happened to the leading characters. I am bad.


  6. bebs1 says:

    In my culture you can’t turn down an honor given to you so I am accepting it and I appreciate that at least I have someone who enjoys reading what I write. Thank you. I will try to keep up to it.


  7. nice read and images, Lou.


  8. bebs1 says:

    Thank you Virgilio!


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