Pamana at Awit (Heritage and Songs)

A quartet by the seminarians of St. Mary’s of the Lake University, Mundelein, Illinois

This is the first of, I hope many more, Pamana at Awit presentation to raise funds for the growing number of Filipino seminarians studying for priesthood in Illinois.

This event is the brainchild of Wilma Salgado with strong support from her husband Jun. The Salgados work as one in this very important ministry of helping young men fulfill their calling. Many of them make a great sacrifice of being separated from their families who live in the Philippines, sometimes with parents who can ill afford to come here to be with them, much less visit during their lengthy and arduous study in the seminary.

So the Salgados have taken upon themselves to act as foster parents to these young men. From one seminarian, Fr. Sunny Castillo, they now minister to a number of them and of course it continues to the young priests who have gone ahead of them who by now look up to them as their second parents. These outstanding young men feels so comfortable and at home at the Salgado residence that it has become their “headquarter central” whenever they are on break.  The couple always have their hearts and home open to them at all times.

They also have several friends who constantly help in many ways, including gaining wider support from their church in Bloomingdale, St. Isidore.

As a bystander and for someone who hears, listen and see all these things unfold I believe their various efforts of assimilating these young men in their church activities like their Simbang Gabi, a Filipino tradition of a Christmas novena culminating with the Noche Buena (or Christmas Eve dinner), and their once a month Filipino mass has forged a strong bond within their church and community in supporting their efforts.

The success of this initial presentation is proof of this. Members of their church proudly shared their talents and many gave treasures. Am sure if they decide to offer this annually, they will gain momentum and I believe this is a good thing that will bear bountiful fruits and blessings not just to the Salgados and their seminarians but also to the whole St. Isidore community and beyond.

One can’t help but feel blessed too to be with them.

A big thank you for a wonderful program to the Salgados, Fr. Sunny, Mellott & Odette, the “Tres Marias” (Amy, Cynthia and Precy), the participating priests, seminarians their donors, cast, crew and everyone. They all did an excellent job, they should all be proud of themselves for what they’ve accomplished. Speaking for myself, it was a great joy to watch everyone perform so well. (Do I sound like an Oscar winner? “Thanks to all . . . who without their support . . . blah, blah, blah. LOL)


Angel & Sharon Roman and Wilma & Jun Salgado

Opening – Manila street scene

Filipiniana fashion show

Another song number “Manila” by Amy, Fr. Sunny joined by others

The finale

The super talented director of the show, Fr. Sunny Castillo of St. Therese Parish Church in Kankakee

Blessings from Fr. Noel, Fr. Tirso, Fr. Sunny and Fr. Dindo

A beauteous Reyna Elena or May Festival Queen

So that was my Saturday event to add to my almost perfect weekend!

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