Perfect Autumn

The cold weather came early this Fall and I complained and then it got warm in between and rained a lot and I whined some more. But all elements contributed to the bright and fiery colors this Fall here in the Midwest. I’ve never seen nor can I remember such beauty but then again I’ve never been to the Morton Arboretum this time of year.

Am so glad that we decided to drive there even though I had something to look forward to the next day, a drive to Starved Rock for more colors. The beauty at Morton is the trees were planted strategically so there are big swaths of same color in one area – yellows, browns, greens, reds, oranges, and more in different shades, choreographed so beautifully it leaves you speechless.

I can’t help but feel strongly the presence of the Almighty, surely only He could create such beauty. I exclaimed and immersed myself in such glory. It was just so amazing!

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2 Responses to Perfect Autumn

  1. djmrakiey says:

    Pretty fall colors…. love it !!!


  2. bebs1 says:

    Thank you! The Fall foliage has been exceptional this year.


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