Sandwich Antique Fair

Ten years ago, I went to the antique fair in Sandwich, Illinois twice. We went in the Spring-Summer time. The fair is always on the last Sunday of the month from June to October and today was their last day for the season so I thought I’d try to revisit it. After all that was where I got my vintage dining room set, table with 2 leaves and 6 chairs, complete with a china cabinet and a buffet table.

Among the stuff they sold there, my set was the most modern. The design was very contemporary and it had an Asian flair, stained very light made of solid wood and all for $400. If I remember right I paid almost the same for the delivery.

The next time I went, I was able to buy a big stock pot made of thick aluminum, very much like the “caldero” we used in the Philippines. They don’t make those anymore but I got it for ten bucks.

At that time many vendors were selling European antique laces.  I regretted not picking up a table cloth then and that’s the reason I wanted to drive there.

The breeze was ice cold but the sun was out. I should have worn a hat. The inventory was very disappointing though. There were only a few vendors and probably 75% of what they were selling were thrash. And they were not cheap. Maybe some people could find beauty in them but since I am not big on antiques I thought I could get a replica of some of the items for a fraction of the cost at Crate and Barrel or Restoration Hardware.

My favorite French nuns had a tent at the fair. They make my favorite tarte tatin. They sell patisseries in fairs, farmers markets, churches and wherever I find them I make sure I bring home one. With warm coffee, Auntie Claire and I warmed ourselves in the car before we drove back.

My favorite apple tart from the French nuns

I was quite disappointed that the GPS led us to the highway instead of the backroads like on our way there. But then my aunt remembered that we were nearing Prime Outlet. It was still early so made a stop there.

A line to get in at the Coach store
Coach had a big sale – 50% off and then additional 30% more in some items. Auntie left with a beautiful handbag but it still costs less than $200.

Michael KorsMichael Kors

Am not a Michael Kors fan so I thought everything was overpriced. I prefer the understated design of Cole-Haan and their bags last a lot longer. But I had bought a wallet at Coach as the one I have is already falling apart. I regretted that splurge after I saw something better at Cole-Haan. Oh well!

And finally I got a mandolin and I could soon make Mom’s favorite radish salad. Am going to wait until I could afford to get a silpat for baking.

We also made a stop at the Naturalizer store, looking for some water-proof winter boots.  Unfortunately the previous year’s stock which I liked didn’t have my size anymore.  No wonder it was on sale at a big discount.

My aunt was happy that she went home with something after the disappointment at the antique fair.

I guess that’s it for Fall outdoor outings for me.

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2 Responses to Sandwich Antique Fair

  1. wsalg818 says:

    B, looks like fun. an i bet the shopping was even more fun! glad you and Auntie had a great time!


  2. bebs1 says:

    Yes, we did have a good time. Nice excuse to get out of the house.


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