For Greater Glory

Four parishes, including my church, joined together to sponsor the showing of a movie For Greater Glory. The movie is about Cristiada, I read a most forgotten part of Mexican history which amazingly happened not too long ago – 1926-1929. There were some critics who wrote that the movie didn’t portray the history accurately but there’s always at least two sides to a coin but in this case it is not as simple as that, history always has a number of sides to consider. And critics – the world never runs out of those.

I’ve heard good reviews from Catholics I know who’ve seen it and so I asked my cousin Marie to go with me to Tivoli. I myself enjoyed the movie, not because I am Catholic but really it has its own merits. If you leave your audience wanting for more and reading and surfing for additional information in the net then I think they got their message across. I am so curious right now that next time I would like to read more on their story. I love a good story, history especially since high school. And what better way to know than a movie. The visuals – too graphic for me and painful to watch but that is the reality of war. Martyrdom is not for the faint-hearted, it is only for the brave. Please don’t bring your kids.

On the lighter side, let me tell you about the theatre. Here’s a short history of Tivoli Theatre from wikipedia:

The Tivoli Theater in Downers Grove, Illinois was built in 1928 and is located at 5021 Highland Ave, Downers Grove, Illinois. The theater was designed by Van Gurten and Van Gurten architects, and has exactly 1,390 seats. First opened on Christmas Day, 1928, this theater was the second in the U.S.A. to have sound movies. Since its opening the theater has been meticulously remodeled to resemble a “French Renaissance-style” theater. The Tivoli is a rare large one-screen theater. Most of these older theaters have been “cut up” in order to offer more screens, but the Tivoli is still intact. The building also includes a residential hotel, a bowling alley, and some other store fronts.

The theater shows second-run movies, and has live professional performances throughout the year. Owned by Classic Cinemas since 1976 this theater has an old look but new equipment.

This is the place where my friends and I go for cheap movies in the area. Cheap and movie popcorn fulfill my dreams of a cheap date.

Let’s travel in time, it might look depressing to some but it does not diminish my enjoyment one bit. In fact I marvel at the retro look.

Additional reading:

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2 Responses to For Greater Glory

  1. pamana1013 says:

    I’ve heard about the movie and been asked to watch it several times but I shied away. Although its a beautiful witness to the faith, I’m not brave enough to see the heart wrenching details of the story.


  2. bebs1 says:

    A martyrs death is always gruesome, there is no other way.


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