“Mabuhay” means long live in our Filipino language.

I was at HM this afternoon looking for white miso for the turkey. Okay, I haven’t done this recipe before and I found it in I will let you know tomorrow how it turns out. LOL

But anyway there was this gentleman at the vegetable section. He had an apron on so I presumed he’s a worker there and asked him where I could find my ingredient. He said it is at the opposite end of the store.

I asked if he’s a Filipino. He answered “Mabuhay”! I thought that was his strange way of greeting. He said yes but he does not work at the store, actually he owned a restaurant at HM’s food court named Mabuhay.

He kept repeating Mabuhay like it was his last name while he was picking through the pile of lime. So I asked for his last name which now I forgot. I got stuck with Mabuhay.

We said our goodbyes after I promised to visit his restaurant someday.

To everyone, I wish you mabuhay this Thanksgiving Day and may you enjoy everything on the table but not forget to say thanks for our blessings that we receive all year round.

I also dropped by Whole Foods – uhmmm, it smelled Thanksgiving there. I was tempted to get a pint of gravy for my turkey but no, I’ll make it from scratch.

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2 Responses to Mabuhay

  1. TBM says:

    I hope you get to go to his restaurant–he sounds like an interesting character.


  2. bebs1 says:

    Now that he kept repeating “Mabuhay” while he went around picking the produce, the name of his restaurant is etched in my brain I might just be tempted to try it one time to give him support. We don’t have any Filipino restaurant nearby where I live except maybe his.


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