Blessed Thanksgiving celebration

Thanks to the Salgados for hosting Thanksgiving day again this year. While Thanksgiving is the time of year when families gather together, many of us were individuals who would otherwise be alone because for some reason or another our loved ones are far away or are called to duty. It was a celebration of mixed generations giving the young ones a sense of the value of family unity, togetherness, sharing and friendship.

While in the past I sometimes hosted the holiday, this year Mom is no longer with us and my sister kept herself busy with work. Thank goodness for the likes of Wilma and Sharon who are always there to open their homes to friends like us, through the years they have served as our surrogate families during the holidays.

We were also so blessed with the presence of three priests and a seminarian that made our day extra special. Fr. Sunny’s birthday was Wednesday so we got him a chocolate mousse cake. Everyone brought something to share even though their mere presence was a precious gift enough. Fr. Jo Sia drove three hours despite the rainy night weather to be there, while Fr. Ricky happened to be in town for church business stayed before returning to Arizona today.

It was a relaxed occasion, we ate a lot, watched a marathon of movies, attended Holy Mass, the young boys played, some secured a corner of the house to catch up with their lives, scenes which am sure is played all over America this time of year.

Of course the central theme of all these are our heartfelt appreciation and constant gratefulness of our everyday blessings from above. Challenges and upheavals are always there but as long as He is always part of our lives, everything is surmountable, there would always be something we should all be thankful for – big and small.

I hope your Thanksgiving Day was just as wonderful.

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