More of Lincoln

My favorite American hero is Abraham Lincoln and am proud to be living in the Land of Lincoln.

More than a couple of years ago, my family stopped by Springfield to check out Lincoln’s home. This is what I wrote then in my blog:

Abraham Lincoln is a true American hero. It is very difficult to imagine what this country would have been without him.

We left our house early morning of Saturday. It was raining on our way to Springfield and I kept praying that it stop so we can see Springfield. Sure enough when we got there, the weather cooperated. It was a bit windy but that was bearable.

Springfield is the states’ (Illinois) capital. It was a good stopping point for us as it is midway to our final destination – The Shrine of Our Lady of Snows, Belleville, IL.

I’ve always wanted to see where Lincoln lived and now I could check it off my list. Here is the link of the home tour.

I love reading about the love story of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln which you can find also in the link. It was a tragic love story because in the end after Pres. Lincoln’s assasination, Mary was declared insane at one point.

My sister, Alita and I, were not able to see the other homes as we left Mom outside. It would have been too much for her to climb the two-storey home and although the sun finally showed up it was too cool to stay out too long for her.

The house tour is free. Parking at the park costs $2.00. It was really worth it.


This weekend, I went to see the movie Lincoln. I think everyone should see this movie not just for its historical importance but I believe every American owes him their freedom. Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln is a superb actor and he did the character real justice. So did Sally Field.

Seeing it on screen humanizes Lincoln – despite his genius he’s heart was in the right place. A very compassionate person, principled and one who respects his God. He’s first a son of God who sees to it that everyone is treated fairly and equally, a true patriot who loves his country, a devoted father and husband.

Here are some pictures taken during that trip with my sister and my Mom:

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6 Responses to More of Lincoln

  1. nice images…you’re getting better.


  2. bebs1 says:

    Or am I getting worse since these are very old pictures? LOL But thanks!


  3. TBM says:

    Lincoln is one of my heroes. I would love to see his house. Adding this to my list!


  4. bebs1 says:

    It is really worth seeing, not just the house and his neighborhood but Springfield itself.


  5. wsalg818 says:

    I remember when you took this trip. Great pictures. Good to see them again.


  6. bebs1 says:

    I think am running out of time in saving all my pictures. So am trying to salvage whatever I can – so many memories.


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