Travel Theme: Transportation

Ailsa’s travel theme challenge for the week is transportation. Just in time for the holidays when many people will be traveling a lot to be with loved ones.

Transportation has evolved through the years. I remember as a kid, we used to ride a cow drawn cart. And to cross the river, we were transported by bamboo rafts.

Of course, their favored mode of transportation now are all motorized but whenever we go home to the Philippines, we still would prefer to ride what we call “caretela”, a horse-drawn cart as shown in the picture.

Riding those old fashion carts appeals to our sense of nostalgia, when life was dealt with in a slow pace. I find that when I am in those carts, I am more relaxed and seem to enjoy my journey more.

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2 Responses to Travel Theme: Transportation

  1. Fun, exciting, unique ways to go around places with family and friends.


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