A Genuine Vigan Hospitality

Everyone tells me how lucky I was to have stayed at a most coveted address in New York. That was through the hospitality of my long-time friend Myla and her niece, Malou, from Vigan.

Vigan is the capital town of our province in the northern part of the Philippines. Myla and I have been good friends for many decades and my first time to meet her beautiful niece whose smile can immediately lighten a room. It’s been about 20 years or so since I last saw my girlfriend and am so glad I chose to have finally gone. Myla’s heart has never changed, she’s been as generous with her time and resources since the first day I met her. She’s one to never complain and now compared to myself who has been used to crying on her shoulder, I am embarrassed. But anyway, I wish to tell you what waited for me on my first trip to Manhattan.

They told me we have to finish all the groceries they bought. They had an extensive menu, most of them Vigan specialties. Each day I was treated to Filipino and later hometown treats. They really spared no effort to make me feel at home.

There were so many dishes that many remained uncooked by the time I left. They made the dough for the famous Vigan empanada but there were still so much leftovers to deal with, now I would never know the secret to making that crispy and light as air dough. They also marinated some Korean barbecue, and while I was there Myla bought some pork hocks to have been made to crispy “pata”, the Filipino term of that part of the pig. I could have stayed for a month and we could not have ran out of food.

And oh! They also made desserts.

During my stay with them we hardly ate out, how can you? It is not that to eat out in New York is expensive unless if you are dining out in Times Square or in some fancy schmancy establishment but I found that if you are smart where you want to eat, New York is no different than any other big cities. Compared to London or Tokyo, I’d pick New York pricewise.

Some unforgettable moments in Park Avenue. Thanks to Myla and Malou for sharing treats from home, they are special and just awesome! What is a posh address anyway if you are not welcomed?

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5 Responses to A Genuine Vigan Hospitality

  1. viveka says:

    Great food and great friendship … that is priceless where ever it maybe. Eating out is expensive everywhere those days – how much can a main course be worth really???


  2. bebs1 says:

    So true. Eating out once or twice is fine but nothing beats home cooked meals.


  3. viveka says:

    So true … !


  4. LolaWi says:

    park avenue is a wonderful expeirence but great friends are truly a treasure. they really spoiled you with food. am drolling over ukoy 🙂


  5. bebs1 says:

    The ukoy (shrimp fritters) are easy to make. I will blog about it sometime. I took pictures of when Myla made them.


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