Word Press Challenge: Love

Daily Word Press Challenge for the Week is Love. To see more photos that depicts Love, click here.



I always believe for a marriage to endure it must be based on love most of all and with it our faith. Because if one is without the other, love would be lost in the end.

Some people get married for other reasons other than love. Security, companionship, peer pressure, social status, biological clock is running out, settling for someone else for fear love will never come, escape from an unwanted situation, loneliness, for sex, immigration, etc., you’d be amazed at how people could believe that in the end the marriage will survive. And yet when it fails, it hits them like a rock that it happened.

We are fortunate that we live in an age and society where we can choose our life’s partner. We can fall in love and marry the person we would want to spend the rest of our life with. In some countries or society, they don’t have that freedom. We read and hear stories of children being betrothed even at a very early age or parental matchmaking is still the tradition. Or how about marrying someone for the size of the dowry.

My parents were married for a very long time until my father passed away and my mother never remarried. They married right after high school but since they were in love, their relationship endured so many difficulties and challenges. Their love of God kept them strong. In a way it was better that my father went first because he would have been lost without my mother. Mom was more resilient and as a mother she had us to keep herself busy and get distracted with.

Now they are together again.

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2 Responses to Word Press Challenge: Love

  1. viveka says:

    I believe in love … not marriage, because nobody has proven that it works. Out of all my friends only one couple is still with the same partners. I love weddings … but it’s a bit of a charade those days. Never seen myself as married neither – my mum has been married 4 times and never found what she wished for. I think one of the reasons why marriages lasted for life time before was that – women couldn’t survive on their own as single mums. My grandma she divorced her first husband in 1916 – a massive step. Because he immigrated to US and she didn’t want to go with him. 26 years old and with a 2 year old daughter – she had to remarry to survive and 4 years later she married my grandpa.


  2. bebs1 says:

    I have to give credit to your grandma. In 1916, that was indeed a big step then. You don’t have to be married but I believe any relationship/partnership can survive longer with love.


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