Travel Theme Photo Challenge: Gaudy

I hate gaudy stuff but I admire people who could put it together and get away with it. Ailsa’s photo challenge for the week looks for Gaudy, here.

So when my aunt tells me to have my picture taken with the Naked Cowboy in Times Square, I took a picture of his butt instead. No amount of pushing or prodding could convince me to stand right next to his naked body and pose like a tourist, of which I was. I said, no way! LOL



Sorry for the blurred photos, there were just too many people wanting to get a picture of him or wanting to have a picture with him. It is not free though.

My friend posed with the Disney characters and even after she’s paid them, they were going after me because I took a picture.


My friend Myla

My friend Myla

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9 Responses to Travel Theme Photo Challenge: Gaudy

  1. viveka says:

    Love that back side … not to sure about the front *smile Happy and merry gallery. Great job.


  2. bebs1 says:

    That’s I thought so too. His butt is sexy. LOL


  3. kz says:

    hmmnn i think he looks better with his back gaudy indeed. great post ^^


  4. bebs1 says:

    Oh thank you. Am glad more people agree.


  5. He has courage and confidence. Love the mouse, cat and elmer characters. Fun day indeed!


  6. bebs1 says:

    They say Times Square is the heart of NYC that one has to experience it. It was like a fiesta and people didn’t look at their watches. It could have been day or night and people, masses of them, would still be around. It was a very fun atmosphere.

    I don’t know how he could walk around like that, it was in the 30s but it is a job I guess.


  7. blauearth says:

    this one made me laugh. hahaha!


  8. Vivien says:

    Love mickey and Minnie. Just for fun, I would have posed with the Nice butt, wonder about the front though, hehehehehe.


  9. bebs1 says:

    For sure you would!


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