Dailypost Weekly Challenge: Day-in-my-life – Easter 2013

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The night before I cleaned the two jumbo milkfish that will be grilled in the oven. One was to bring to Kankakee and the other would be for several dinners for me. I woke up early to chop onions, ginger and tomatoes to fill the stomach of the fish to keep it moist. By 5:30 they were cooking in the oven.

After a shower and the fish pre-cooked I left the house at a little past eight. The roads were deserted and I got to Bloomingdale in 30 minutes. Jun & Wilma were ready but the rest of the group weren’t there yet so I had breakfast again with the Salgados. I normally eat at 6 am so by 9 I am hungry. Shortly thereafter Sheila arrived and while TJ was still snoozing we waited for Precy who attended the early morning mass.

We left about 9:30 and Precy drove my car to Kankakee. I enjoyed being the passenger for a change and we passed the flatlands of Illinois, dotted with old barns, silos and an occasional house here and there. Precy said she couldn’t think of living there while I thought it is bearable if you have a need to stay there – like if you are a farmer and tilling the lands but definitely if you are an office worker, that place would definitely be lonesome and isolated.

We reached Fr. Sunny’s rectory at about 15 minutes to noon. Shortly after that, her good friends whom he’s invited for lunch came after the mass while Sheila and I had a quick lunch with them so we could attend his Hispanic mass at noon. His parish has a small church and by the time we got there, it was filled to the rafters.

They had a small Lenten tableau and the folksy choir was exuberant. It definitely had an ethnic feel and I felt transported back home because our dialect in the North of the Philippines borrowed a lot of Hispanic words from our Spanish colonizers. Although I couldn’t speak fluent Spanish and like any typical Filipino, I could understand some phrases and many words. Participating in a Hispanic mass didn’t present a problem for me, I actually enjoyed it. It was special with this group of very devout Catholics.

The mass took a little longer and when we went back to the rectory the rest were finished with lunch, while Sheila and I had some desserts. Father’s other guests were gone except for Dolores, a good friend of Father who’s a native of Guam before she moved to the US. There were some talks of North Korea’s declaration of war and Dolores worried about her family should Pyongyang decides to hit Guam with a missile, her country being the closest U.S. colony in the Pacific. Most of us dismissed it as mere bravado on the side of Kim Jong Un but we all agreed not to take anymore Korean airlines if we ever plan to go to the Philippines while the Koreas are into war mode.

We played mahjong to while away the afternoon and left Father to rest and catch on sleep at about 5 pm. He’s been very busy preparing for Easter.

I drove home this time and Precy who was with me in the car to keep me company, and I missed our exit. My GPS brought me to a south direction and so we got separated from the Salgados. They had to wait for Precy for about 15 minutes at our agreed upon meeting place.

After dropping her off I drove to my uncle and aunt’s house to enjoy their Easter dinner. Later we watched the conclusion of The Bible after which I immediately left for home.

It was a busy Easter Day accompanied with a beautiful weather, it could not have been any better.

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8 Responses to Dailypost Weekly Challenge: Day-in-my-life – Easter 2013

  1. Sounds wonderful, Happy Easter!


  2. LolaWi says:

    it was a nice, intimate group. and even the long drive, i felt relaxed.


  3. bebs1 says:

    It really was. Thank you!


  4. bebs1 says:

    Yes it was it a nice break from ordinary.


  5. Viveka says:

    Fantastic day, thanks for letting me take part – love mahyjong (or how it’s now spelled) – and wine in great company … fish and fruit … cats and blogging … all that suits me. Peeps I know very little about. Wonderful photo gallery. Thanks for sharing.


  6. bebs1 says:

    Thank you Viveka. Where did you learn how to play mahjong?


  7. Thanks for letting us tag along. Really fun post.


  8. bebs1 says:

    Welcome Naomi. Thanks for dropping by.


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