Daily Word Press Photo Challenge: Spanish Culture in the Philippines

The Daily Word Press challenge for the week is Culture. More here.

This time I would like to share our rich Spanish heritage. Many countries have colonized the country, after the Spaniards, there were the Americans and then the Japanese came. Like many other countries, the Chinese have maintained a strong presence too as merchants.

But the Philippines has been a Spanish colony for four centuries so it is not surprising that our culture is very much influenced by them. From religion to our language, architecture, food, customs and traditions. Even though we can be considered an English-speaking country, imbedded in our dialects are many Spanish words.

A Spanish influenced architecture

A Spanish influenced architecture

A Spanish-influenced folk dance

A Spanish-influenced folk dance

Abuelita - Grandma

Abuelita – Grandma

A formal dining room in a house built during the Spanish era

A formal dining room influenced by the Spanish era

A religious festivity - Santacruzan

A religious festivity – Santacruzan

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8 Responses to Daily Word Press Photo Challenge: Spanish Culture in the Philippines

  1. viveka says:

    Lovely … gallery and thanks for sharing your culture. Swedish culture is to eat herrings and drink snaps. *smile – I knew that Philippines has been Spanish. Wouldn’t mind that dinning room and table.


  2. bebs1 says:

    That table sits a lot of table. That is from the Syquia Mansion, the residence of the first Ilocano president, Elpidio Quirino who was born very poor. He married to a rich Chinese family who were merchants who built the mansion and later when Elpidio became president, the mansion was given to them as a wedding gift. The house is still maintained.


  3. Vivien says:

    wow, those are really very nice pictures representative of our spanish heritage….love the antique dining set, the lovely santacruzan….gracias….


  4. bebs1 says:

    Thanks Viv!


  5. LolaWi says:

    i hope to visit vigan next year and eat at abuelitas several came up to me asking when is the next santacruzan 🙂


  6. It is wonderful to look back and appreciate our heritage. My grandma’s ancestral house was also Spanish inspired but unfortunately the family relative who owns them now don’t really value that part of our history. Sad. I am a fan of old traditions and culture, more now that I’m in a different country. As for religion, I think that is the best heritage of all although we also know that there were a lot of abuses during the Spanish occupation.


  7. bebs1 says:

    Am sure there were many good things handed down to us by the Spaniards. Like in everything, it is always the bad ones that are highlighted and remembered.

    It seems like there is a rush to modernize old structures with no consideration as to their history. Our ancestral home in the Philippines got renovated too and now it looks like any regular house. Too much cement and the glass windows. I kind of miss the many wide windows we used to have with capiz windows which are cooler.


  8. bebs1 says:

    Wilma, make sure you eat at Abuelita and order their empanada and ukoy! Of course you’ve met their relatives, so there you go another introduction!


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