Meeting Dinna’s Angelo

My Saturday started early last weekend. My haircut appointment was at 8:00 am so it was perfect timing to pick up Dinna and Angelo for brunch. I’ve written about Dinna here when we had our first in person meeting in New York.

This time she brought Angelo along. He’s not only adorable as any nine years old can be but he’s so mature for his age. There is this one young man who knows what he wants and does not want. I’ve met so many tykes his age who’d answer “I don’t know” when you ask them something. Angelo can tell you what he wants and sticks with them. I find it refreshing.

I love that he’s comfortable speaking to people way beyond his age. And when he does, he’s very engaging and what a gentleman. He kept himself busy with a game and let his Mom and I did the talking. But not before he presented me with a surprise gift which his Mom made.

Handmade by Dinna

Handmade by Dinna

I don’t know how Dinna made the pendant but the Lady of Lourdes was a personal request because my Mom was a devotee of the Mother Virgin Mary and I was named after her.

Years ago the wife of my former boss in Manila presented me with a beautiful Infant Jesus of Prague pendant. It was so precious to me that I wore it everyday but somehow four years ago I lost the pendant while vacationing there. I’ve been missing it so much that I thought I’d order a replacement and I knew Dinna could make it for me.

That was very thoughtful of her to give it to me as a gift. I know I will be wearing it daily just like my old one. I already wore it to church today. I like how it rests on my neck, right below my clavicle or collarbone. Thank you Dinna and Angelo, I am so grateful.

They were in town for a wedding. Unfortunately their visit was way too short and on their first day, Chicago turned on its gray and chilly side. Oh I forgot to warn Dinna, it could have been worse – like it could have been very windy. But Saturday was a perfect day – warm and sunny.

We tried this new restaurant in the South side of the city – just a bit south of the Loop – Bongo Room. It is a good place for breakfast if you are going to the Museum Campus as it is close to Balboa Park. I didn’t realize that until I missed the exit from Lake Shore Drive and then we saw all those people by the lake and Dinna told me that there’s an Anime convention. There was already heavy traffic northbound so instead of turning back to show the Chicago skyline I decided to just drive them back to their hotel as I didn’t want us to be caught in that crowd and they’d miss the wedding they came to attend.

You know as they say, leave some for next time. And yes, definitely stay by Michigan Avenue where there’s a lot to see and enjoy!

Angelo had breakfast before they left the hotel. He doesn’t like pancakes, especially when they are red!

But his Mom made sure there’ll be something for him before they leave for the wedding – McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

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14 Responses to Meeting Dinna’s Angelo

  1. Ishaiya says:

    Funny, Angelo reminds me of my son. We say that he was born an old soul, though he is still only 6 years old! A really warm and inviting post, thank you for sharing this. Beautiful pendent too, I’m pleased that you have found a wonderful replacement for the one you lost. Blessings.


  2. bebs1 says:

    Thank you! Exactly, an old soul.


  3. viveka says:

    What an exciting date you had …. I have only met one of my blogging sisters in person – and she lives not fare away from me here in Sweden and it was also a fantastic date.
    Thanks for the tip about the Bongo Room – I like tips about great breakfasts, because I hate hotel breakfasts. What a beautiful pendant, a wonderful gift. Lovely post about a date between blogging friends. Hopefully will I be back in Chicago next year.


  4. Vivien says:

    nice that you two reconnected again. that was sweet of her for the lovely gift. I will visit her site too. no pics of you three??? a fun Saturday indeed. it is always fun to meet in person your cyber friends…..that continue to a long friendship.


  5. Thank you, Lou… It is always a pleasure and I can’t wait until you’re back on my side — hopefully soon..!


  6. bebs1 says:

    Blogs has a way of connecting to people and meeting friends. I have met several good friends from my previous blog but they changed to e-commerce so we all got separated to different sites; many continued in Facebook. But blog is different.


  7. bebs1 says:

    Something came up and am expecting a friend from Cebu to go to New York in the Fall. I might plan on that, we’ll see. Nice seeing you again and for taking Angelo along. Thank you for the gift – I really love it!


  8. viveka says:

    Yes, I agree … I was going to meet up with one of my blogging sisters in Seattle last year, but familly matters came in the way – that was a pity, so close .. but still not happened. But that’s life.


  9. bebs1 says:

    It wasn’t meant to be. There’ll be other times.


  10. What an amazing boy. Very thoughful, outspoken, smart, generous.


  11. bebs1 says:

    He is! Am sure yours too is like Angelo. Well-behaved, thoughtful, respectful.


  12. lolaWi says:

    this is wonderful. glad that you are able to meet again and finally meeting Angelo! you know i’m a secret fan of dinna. i’m a regular reader of her blogs 🙂


  13. bebs1 says:

    Make your visit known. Leave her a note, she’d welcome that.


  14. bebs1 says:

    Hi Viv! Yes, it is so nice to get another chance to get together with Dinna, albeit a short one. But sometimes I contact her via email.


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