Montana – Third day (first part)

We were all hopeful that Saturday would be as promised – warm and sunny. It started out gray and we thought the rain is threatening again but later the day turned out perfect.

We reserved most of our activities today. We registered for a Huckleberry Tour in the iconic Red Bus in the morning and later we took the boat cruise at Lake McDonald from our lodge. The girls finally got so involved in the Lake Glacier jigsaw puzzle that they were thinking of working on it again but I wanted them to be out there and enjoy our last day.

We were thinking of going to Whitefish to shop some more but decided instead to just bring them to Apgar Village. They did more shopping at the stores there and later I was able to convince them to take a hike at the boardwalk under the canopy – the Cedar Trail.

This day I took about a couple hundred pictures in one day. I wish I could share all of them to you now.

We learned a lot from the tour, thanks from our Red Bus guide/driver – Glen. Huckleberry is native to the state of Montana and the only tour this time of year that starts from our lodge is this one – it brought us to some uncovered and hardly visited part of the park. There was also some huckleberry hikes.

Let me just give you photos of the highlights. Click on the pictures to see it as a slide.

Red Bus Huckleberry Tour:

The tour took about 4 hours – it was lunch at the Lodge.

The Lake McDonald boat cruise:

to be continued . . .

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2 Responses to Montana – Third day (first part)

  1. Malou says:

    Still a dream destination for me, Lou. I guess I must have read a lot of those Mills and Boon as well as Harlequin Romances with setting in Montana to make me harbor the desire to see this place someday. To my mind are those cowboys and ranches completing the setting. 😉


  2. bebs1 says:

    Perhaps in a couple of years when Francesca can appreciate it more and would remember better. I love Montana and I won’t hesitate to tell you to come and see this place. It is amazingly beautiful!


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