Fifth Day – Off to Grand Teton, WY

We’re like visiting nomads. After one night in Helena, Montana we left early for the 6-hour drive to the Tetons.

The hotel room came with a substantial breakfast and I especially liked their bacon because it has much less fat than the ones they sell at our local grocery store. When we asked the lady in charge of the breakfast room she told us they procure their meat from a local processor – Whitehall. Need to look that up.

The road seemed endless and this time we can drive faster as their speed limit goes up to 75 miles per hour. There were moments when we owned the road by ourselves and able to enjoy the view. We wondered how people live in such desolation, not having neighbors for miles around but it must be a choice. It is all peaceful and quiet.

The visit in the Grand Tetons was not in our original itinerary even though my cousin Thelma suggested it. But due to closures and the bad weather at the Glacier National Park, I finally decided to leave early in search of some warmer temperature and drier weather even though I wondered how the Tetons would be able to surpass the beauty of the National Park we just left behind. The Tetons are just mountains how could it impress my travel companions.

To get there we passed through the West Entrance of Yellowstone. The ranger at the gate said if there were any seniors in our group, we can pay $10 for the annual membership instead of the $25 per car to which we quickly agreed. The card entitled my aunt to visit any national parks for free from then on to a year, which we were not told when entered GNP. But the fee we paid at Glacier was all worth it and more.

Here are the images for that day:

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