Sixth Day – The Tetons

It was a long drive from Helena to the Tetons but it was all worth it. My fear that my travel companions would be disappointed that what we were there for was only to see these mountains immediately dissipated at the sight of it.

It was like seeing a movie as it slowly appeared in the horizon. It looms over you, beautiful and majestic at the same time at arm’s length. It stood tall to be admired and while it renders you speechless you’re best advised to soak it all in. Grand!

The Jackson Lake Lodge is a contemporary building unlike Lake McDonald Lodge. We were given a cottage and the girls loved it despite the fact that we didn’t have any tv, at least there was wifi.

The main building was only a few meters away – a nice break from all that time being cooped up in the car. The registration office is in the ground floor but the lounge area and the restaurants are in the second floor. As you approach the floor from the grand staircase the Tetons are framed by the floor to ceiling view windows.


We were blessed with beautiful days from then on. It was still cold when we got there but at least we left behind the dreary days of Lake McDonald and Helena. We were now at a lower elevation of the Yellowstone Park System and was just glad to bask in the little heat we could get from the sun. Finally blue skies!

First order of the day was a great breakfast at the Mural Room.

We knew that our next destination was only a couple of hours away so we joined a float ride in the Snake River. I thought it would be a great experience for Alyssa and Mia and tame enough for Auntie Claire. Our guide was a veteran of 46 years and very knowledgeable. The ride was supposed to introduce us to the wildlife in the Tetons but except for geese and a couple of eagles we didn’t see anymore, he gave us the the history of the Grand Teton National Park instead. He’s a great story teller which makes me want to read some more on the subject.

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