Seventh Day – Yellowstone . . . cont’d.

After a fitful sleep at Dunraven, I thought shopping for souvenirs won’t be enough to fill the time of the girls. They have been shopping since day one but I let them sleep a little longer this time.

My aunt and I couldn’t figure out the coffee maker; my younger niece saved the day for us. When we asked what she did differently from us, she nonchalantly answered she “just read the instructions”. We thought we did too, what could have we missed? As experienced adults I think we just took things for granted. And actually that phrase was their query for the night, “What does taking for granted means?”

After visiting Painted Pots and seeing Old Faithful, the girls have seen enough geysers. The general consensus was you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

My aunt bought a book by National Geographic on the Tetons and Yellowstone which I read the night before. I was curious how Mammoth Hot Springs look like. I saw pictures of terraces with water flowing. I thought it is different.

So when asked by the girls where we were going the next day I told them it would be a surprise. I did try to do a bit of homework as to how far it is from the Canyon Village and the lady at the store assured me it was only a 45 minutes drive, depending on traffic. When I first checked it out I thought it would take 3 hours and I wasn’t willing to go that far. Driving was starting to wear me out and the girls were tired too of being constantly on the move. But if the choice was to stay at the lodge without any tv or wi-fi, I’d drive anywhere and explore the park some more.

The landscape is just different that side of the country

The landscape is just different that side of the country

We were sorry that we didn't bring a telescope, we missed a lot of wildlife

We were sorry that we didn’t bring a telescope, we missed a lot of wildlife

Boardwalk at the upper geyser of Mammoth Hot Spring

Boardwalk at the upper geyser of Mammoth Hot Spring












So you see every geyser is different. It is unbelievable that the whole park is a huge caldera but it is not all sulphur that you smell and geysers. The park is so huge that it offers a lot of things to see, from wildlife to ice capped mountains, creeks, rivers, streams and waterfalls aside from the lakes and ponds. There are plenty of photo opportunities you just have to have an appreciation of nature.

My nieces were able to take a picture of the Yellowstone Canyon and a wolf that ran in front of the car. I wish I could have taken those shots but I was the driver and there was highway construction going on so the road was for 19 miles one way only.

I wish we could have gone to Lake Yellowstone where the geysers are submerged but maybe there will be a next time. Another excuse to return.

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