Ninth Day – The Wedding

The main purpose of the trip was the wedding. It was my cousin’s daughter wedding and I was glad that it gave me a good reason to see Glacier Park again. As I said it was a promise to myself. I fell in love with Glacier the first time I laid eyes on it. This was and still is the America I’ve known from all those postcards and calendars and even cinema I’ve seen during my childhood. I’d pick this scenario over city neighborhoods in a second.

So after driving around the National Parks we were back in Missoula. They said it would rain but the day turned out beautifully. It was a garden wedding and we were all afraid what will happen if it rained. It turned out we had nothing to fear.

Gibson Mansion was as beautiful as in the pictures we’ve seen. And more! At the front we were greeted by the owner who directed us to the garden.

James and my cousin were busy greeting their guests and friends. I made my rain dance behind the guests to show my enthusiasm in being there but my cousin ignored me so I went to find our table and just walked around, took pictures of the flowers. As long as I have my camera, I can entertain myself.

Later when my cousin and James were by themselves I went again to greet them. It turned out she thought I was her friend from Canada. “Maybe because I gained 200 pounds?” I asked.

The place was so lovely we were all entranced. The very tall vertical trees that all but hide the place from its neighbors made the place like a secret garden. Shaded yet not. Just right!

Near the house was the gigantic tent. There were tables for six but there were eight of us, four of us and four of my cousins – the Burgonios, we call ourselves so we pulled two more table settings so we won’t get separated.

We laid our nametags on our table. My cousin’s friends whom we met at the hotel at the breakfast table were all beautifully dressed. Everyone was resplendent in their outfits. And the girls were beautiful – looking more young ladies than teen-agers.

The ceremony was conducted by the mother of the bride, my cousin, who’s an ordained minister. It was intimate and short. Of course the bride was nervous and the groom calm. They’ve known each other for so long and now everything is legit, “legal” she said.

Sasha and Mike planned their wedding by themselves. They are both doing their postgraduates in culinary arts in Montana U and so the proud mom said they also took care of the flavor development. I guess if you are going to be a professional cook you have to elevate cooking to a science. Am just happy being a kitchen cook. Flavors are not developed in my kitchen, they happen by accident.

Sasha is an avid, or should I say rabid Disney fan even as a child. So she made this her theme. We all got a Disney pin attached to our name cards which we wore. And they played popular tunes from Disney movies while we enjoyed our tapas dinner.

The father of the bride gave a touching speech assuring their Scottish-Ilocana daughter of their devotion even though now she’s a grown up and fully independent from them. It was a final welcome for the groom to her family.

Am one-sided, I belong to the bride’s side. Am sure the feeling is mutual on the groom’s side.

All weddings, grand or small or humble, are perfect especially to the couple. This wedding is special and everything turned out great as hoped by the bride. There were a lot of efforts put in by the families, it all paid off.

The Jones are off to four days in Disney in Paris, one month in the city of love.

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6 Responses to Ninth Day – The Wedding

  1. frizztext says:

    and what a wonderful pavilion – if he could tell about all the events he has seen …


  2. viveka says:

    Just love wedding – but I have never wanted to get married myself – this is so fantastic … every little detail. The pavilion is stunningly beautiful and so is the young bride. Fantastic galleries you have created from a fantastic day. That cake is FAB, even if I don’t like icing or frosting … I love to look at it. May I ask about the “grave stones” ???


  3. bebs1 says:

    I always think am too old for Disney, so I have to searched for Master Gracey and here’s what I found:
    Maybe it is not so much that you never wanted to get married but am sure we just haven’t found the right person to marry. Because if the right person comes along, am sure great forces beyond our control will make it happen.


  4. bebs1 says:

    And am sure, it has been the setting of so many frizztext.


  5. With these photos and your blog you have presented a special gift to Sasha/Mike and to MOB & FOB since “we” were having so much fun ourselves. Thank you very much on behalf of Sasha and Mike too.
    ~MOB, cousin and big sis forever!


  6. bebs1 says:

    We all enjoyed the wedding and the vacation that came out of it. She picked a great place to get married but we could have gone anywhere she desired, even Ohio or Detroit. Thank you for inviting us. It was a great moment!


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