Final day in Montana – Discovering Missoula

Dito comes from a family of seven boys and one girl. The boys were the brothers I never had then and the girl became my older sister. This was the second time I’ve seen Dito and his family in our many years in the U.S. and what a better time to bond than the one free day we all had after the wedding.

Filipinos are clannish. At breakfast we would pull together tables so we could sit together and talk about our discoveries and activities. When someone came later, we’d add more tables and the happier we became until it was time to give up our seats for other guests then our happy chatters spilled to the small reception area of the hotel. It was our free day so we were more relaxed.

We decided to check out their Farmers’ Market. Oh we wish the airlines are not restrictive with the amount of luggage we could carry, we’d bring home some beautiful hanging plants. Ha ha ha, obviously that’s why they have restrictions or they would charge you an arm and a leg.

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We were told that they sell arts and crafts too and we were disappointed when we saw only produce and baked goods. It turned out they forgot to tell us that the Market was in three parts. So we weren’t there very long.

Downtown Missoula

Downtown Missoula

Me and Belen

Me and Belen

The 1000 Buddhas in Arlee was highly suggested. I guess I was too jaded after visiting the National Parks. Interesting it was but I didn’t feel any connection to the place or it was too new that the ambiance was not there. As someone in our group said, it seemed out of place in its environment. But perhaps given time it will develop some character and blend in. Again we went and left.

The trip was not all for naught. I love animals and I was just happy snapping away on these four-legged mammals.

Once you grew up in a farm, you really can’t take it out of your system.

To be continued . . .

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