A Word-A-Day Photo Challenge: Vibrant

Sunsets over the Tetons are supposed to be spectacular. But the day we were there, the fiery sunset was missing, the sky was just plain white and blue, but what it lacked from above made up on its golden cast on the flatlands below the Teton ranges.

The Grand Teton has become our favorite of all the National Parks we visited. One long rugged mountain range pitted against the many attractions of Glacier and Yellowstone. Maybe because the other half of Glacier was still closed and we were not able to get there and even with Yellowstone’s arsenal of natural wonders, the Tetons is just awesome. It rises abruptly towering majestically over the flatlands.

Everyone watched the sunset at the gardens of the Jackson Lake Lodge. As we waited for the light to leave, we listened to the sounds of the wild. I especially like the sounds of the loon and other birds. Alyssa was lucky to have taken a picture of a moose from a distance in the flatlands.

They said the best time to see wild animals is when it gets dark. When you hear the echoes of animal sounds that came from the flatlands, it seemed to come alive and vibrates with life. The animals they say becomes more active at night.

The flatlands is uninhabited so it serves as home to many wild animals that lives in the Yellowstone Park system. Down below they can enjoy their natural habitat away from the deluge of visitors in the summer. And because the lodge is situated on a hill overlooking the flatlands filled with sage brush and Jackson Lake, we were able to enjoy this wilderness.

This is the most vivid scene that comes to mind when I remember my visit to the Rockies. Thus my entry to Sue Llewelyn’s challenge for the week – Vibrant.


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2 Responses to A Word-A-Day Photo Challenge: Vibrant

  1. lolawi says:

    i would love to experience sunset in the wilderness! what a great trip especially for Alyssa and Mia!


  2. bebs1 says:

    I hope so although they did appreciate the fresh air. They even want to open the car windows when we drive. Alyssa loves to see wild animals free in their environment not caged, she said. She thinks that was so cool.


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