A Word-A-Week Photo Challenge: Boats


If you have been to Chicago, you know that it is called The Windy City. Though few, there are times when the wind blows so hard that you feel like you will fly away or need to hung on to a lamp-post to prevent just that.

When our office was at The Willis Tower or Sears Tower then, you could feel the wind tunnel effect in between the buildings. That is the time you are glad that you are hefty or heavy. But sometimes that’s not even enough.

The owner of this boat must be a bona fide Chicagoan. It says so.

This is my answer to Sue’s word challenge for the week: Boat.

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3 Responses to A Word-A-Week Photo Challenge: Boats

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  2. Wonderful combination of boat masts and skyscrapers.


  3. bebs1 says:

    Thank you jingsandthings!


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