Traversing the Midwest – First stop, Cache River

James, my cousin’s other good half, took the day off on July 4th. It’s a holiday, I know, but as a minister you don’t get to pick and choose when duty calls but aside from that, his plate is overflowing of things to do as new minister to the parish.

He and my cousin set aside the day to a day-long drive to Cache State Park which is a bit over two hours from where they live. I enjoyed the expanse of cornfields and soybeans typical of the area. The horizon was all shades of green especially that that area is dotted with so many bodies of water.

To our disappointment the park office was closed. We believe parks personnel are the lowest in the totem pole when it comes to budget cuts and are the first to let go. It is unfortunate because to many of us, the holiday is when it is convenient for us to visit these places.

Being the owner of a canoe, we drove to where the canoes dock and there we were treated to the unique site of the swamp. We have swamps in the Philippines but nothing like this. The cypress trees here are old, over a hundred years old. Thank goodness for preservations otherwise the trees here would have been cut for lumber or firewood.

(Click on a photo for the slideshow.)

This would have been the maiden voyage of James’ canoe in the swamplands of the Midwest but it needed some paperwork (registrations and all). Some areas of the park have boardwalks too so don’t worry about getting wet or muddied.

My cousin prepared sandwiches for our picnic and later we took a short hike to the viewing platform. Definitely bring snacks and something to drink because there are no concessionaires nearby. And take a hat and sunglasses, especially if you will be birdwatching and hiking the several trails.

I have no lens for birdwatching and again I forgot to bring binoculars. But there are always beautiful prairie flowers on the trails.

More coming as this journal will be too long if I place it all here.

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6 Responses to Traversing the Midwest – First stop, Cache River

  1. lolawi says:

    sounds like a very interesting trip, B! and the swamp! never seen like it before!


  2. bebs1 says:

    Very! And they have many of those there but that one is really spectacular. I wish we had the canoe.

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  3. Mng B says:

    Next time, we’ll take the canoe.
    Now you have shared what is “hidden” because this is truly a hidden river as the name says: “cache”. Besides, you have captured it’s “mystery and beauty” with the lovely flowers on the trail.


  4. bebs1 says:

    Anywhere but the Mississippi River or any of the big ones, they are scary, just beautiful to look at. We can start at the “golden pond”.


  5. Mng B says:

    Our canoe ; “the Emerald” is too small anyway for the big River M.
    Yes, we will do the ‘golden pond” and here at our lake.


  6. bebs1 says:

    Oh yeah, it will swallow the canoe.


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