A Word-a-Week Challenge: Castelo de Obidos

I’ve taken several castles through my European trips but the cds are buried among several boxes in storage. I was hard pressed to find a castle picture among my albums in my computer. Lady Luck is with me this time that I found something to Sue’s challenge for the week: Castle.

Here’s one castle, Hotel do Castelo, with me in it in Obidos, Portugal. On this trip, my friend and I, Cecile, decided we wanted to stay in posadas in Portugal and paradors in Spain. I wanted to immerse myself in every country I visit in its history, not just to sightsee.

There weren’t any GPS then and everytime you ask the very good people of Portugal, everything was 30 minutes away. I have booked our stay at the castle before we left the States but that day I decided to pass by Fatima first. I was so confident that we will have plenty of time to drive to Obidos because they said it was a 30-minute drive which turned out to be 2 hours one way from where we were so I ended up in Obidos at 10 pm, when the hotel’s kitchen was almost closed. But they took pity on us because the castle is on top of the hill and there’s no other place opened to eat but there.

Wish granted, I can finally say I know how it felt to stay in a castle if only for a couple of nights. Our room wasn’t too big, it was enough for two twin beds and we had a bath of our own. We were more worried about the ghosts lurking around its narrow passageways and bedrooms. Good thing the parador only has a few bedrooms.

Our room faced the inside of the fortress and we can see people peeking through the gates in the early morning. I was so glad we chose that hotel because of the experience and although we went in and out a couple of times the night before thinking we were at the wrong place, it was dark and not well lit from the outside of the castle walls, I was glad that as a parador guest, I didn’t have to fight for a space to park our rental car.

For once I felt like a real princess.


The living room

The living room

The view from the castle window

The view from the castle window

The very tired me waiting for the bell boy to carry our luggages to the castle

The very tired me waiting for the bell boy to carry our luggages to the castle

While waiting to be called for dinner

While waiting to be called for dinner

Obidos is one romantic town which one should not miss seeing when visiting Portugal. It is definitely one of the highlights of my trip that year.

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5 Responses to A Word-a-Week Challenge: Castelo de Obidos

  1. fido3993 says:

    You have a nice blog 🙂


  2. bebs1 says:

    Thank you and for dropping by.


  3. LolaWi says:

    oh i would love to have that kind of experience. lucky you!


  4. bebs1 says:

    Well the paradors and posadas are open to the public as hotels. They are the old convents and palaces and some are really so opulent with big rooms. It is truly a different experience.


  5. Vivien says:

    I would love to stay in one of those castles. Most of them are now equipped with modern appliances, unlike the original castles.


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