Sunday brunch in St. Louis

Has it been two weeks? Oh my, how time flies. I was trying to think where I went to church last week and that’s when I realized it’s been two weeks since I came back from St. Louis.

Sunday my cousins officiated in the service in their church. Later my cousin said we were driving to St. Louis for brunch at this restaurant where the church council brought them when they were interviewing.

Bristol specializes in seafood and on Sundays they offer brunch. My cousins felt they got the job when they were dined there as it is an upscale chain restaurant. There is a Bristol in Oak Brook and I’ve always said I will try it one day. Surprised that I was having it first in St. Louis.

I tried almost all their seafood and skipped the carving station. When there is seafood I don’t care much about steak or prime rib. They have a wide variety of seafood but I liked their shrimp enchiladas rolled in mini-tortillas – a two-bite sized serving. I also enjoyed the fresh oysters and the several choices of smoked salmon. Those were the ones that stood out and which I found memorable even after two weeks.

Some people don’t like fish or seafood. They have a waffle station and by the entrance, an omelet station. And for dessert I liked their mini-lemon tart or pie, again they are bite size.

Skipping the usual breakfast fare which is heavy on carbs, I ate enough but didn’t have that heavy feeling like you would almost burst. Maybe me and my friends can try the Bristol in Oakbrook sometime.

On our way home, we dropped by James’ former school – Eden Theological Seminary.


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2 Responses to Sunday brunch in St. Louis

  1. lolaWi says:

    let’s try Bristol in Oakbrook!


  2. bebs1 says:

    Sure, one Sunday!


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