Cat went apple picking

DSC_0051Cat is a friend I met through my previous blogsite which closed. We also have a number of mutual friends I have met through Multiply and we continue our friendships through Facebook.

A month ago she sent me a message in FB that she has an impending business trip to the US. She’s a very well-travelled person so I invited her to come and visit Chicago. Her training was in Cincinnati so she took an Amtrak train and travelled ten hours.

Her visit is very brief so right off the bat from the train depot, I dropped her at Old St. Patrick’s to see the beautiful interior of this beautiful church which is Celtic-inspired. From there, on to the Chinese/Vietnamese area in Argyle for lunch and some shopping for Asian supplies. Next was a drive through Sheridan Road to the Baha’i Temple to see another intricate architecture and introduce her to this wonderful religion.

The next day was apple picking. I thought nothing is more American of Fall activities aside from Thanksgiving than apple picking, going through a pumpkin patch and picking out your own (although we ran out of time for this), experiencing the complexity of a corn maze, sample apple cider and apple glazed donuts and pies. We also brought food for a picnic with a live band playing in the background.

On our way home, my GPS led us to a road filled with old barns in DeKalb County. We were not exactly lost although we took the long way but we’re glad we did. As they say, if you’re handed lemons, you make lemonade? So with Cat, we did some barn chasing cut short only by her commitment with her high school friends for an early dinner.

Now we don’t know what to do with our Fuji apples aside from sharing them with our neighbors. I guess it is time to eat them, don’t you think?

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11 Responses to Cat went apple picking

  1. It looks like you had a wonderful day together! Fuji apples are my favorite. 🙂


  2. bebs1 says:

    Yes we did! There was something for everyone even for the kids. I didn’t realize orchards has turned into amusement parks. We were thinking we would be climbing apple trees to get the biggest apples. But the place we went to is a new orchard and many of the trees are very young.


  3. frizztext says:

    you are a perfect tourist guide!


  4. You are such a generous friend. Cat will always treasure this trip. I have not done apple picking. Perhaps one day. This is a perfect Autumn entry. Magical! Have a blessed weekend.


  5. bebs1 says:

    I am a curious tourist so I think I know how it feels being one like Cat. Thank you frizztext.


  6. bebs1 says:

    I wish your family leaves nearby Island Traveler. Am sure your family will enjoy it esp. now that they have petting zoos, pony rides, hayrides, and other things to amuse kids.


  7. lolaWi says:

    am glad to have met Cat! apple picking was a fun experience for her and so with the many places you took her in and out of chicago. i still want to hear about your experience at the corn maze lol


  8. Mng Babes says:

    how sweet!


  9. bebs1 says:

    We complained that they have gotten very expensive and yet we still have apples.


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