A night at the seminary

On Friday, LolaWi with hubby and grandson and me stayed overnight at the University of St. Mary of the Lake Seminary. I have written a lot about our visits there lately. I was excited to experience spending a night in the seminary – it seems so peaceful, serene and truly a great place for reflection and meditation.

But coming from the Philippines, I grew up in an era when kids were home at angelus. And in the northern part of the country, my elders would scare us from leaving home by telling ghost stories. I see most of the buildings in the seminary as old. So my one concern was, would there be ghosts walking the corridors of those buildings? I consoled myself that they would be venerable souls and holy spirits. I summoned my guardian angel to watch over me.

Their hotel or convention center looks so different from the seminarian dorms. The halls are painted white. It’s been given a makeover, more in keeping with the times. The rooms are very spartan but there’s a queen and a twin-sized bed. It has plenty of charm despite its simplicity. There’s an oversized desk and a vintage high boy and a small closet. And I love the wood floors – it’s not a luxury hotel but I could live in it. Couldn’t complain except for the shower – I like a powerful rush of hot water to wake me up in the morning.

There are no distractions to a prayerful day – no tv nor a radio. Why is it that commercial hotel rooms got a Bible in every room? You know it is a religious place because of the cross on the wall and the simple frame. Easier to talk to Him, He could have easily heard me. No need for the Holy Book. I bet the ones in the hotel rooms are left unopened at most times.

There’s a good-sized chapel on the second floor when one needs to be closer to God in a more formal setting.

The hotel was full when we checked in but once we settled in our rooms, the place was dead quiet. I had a fitful sleep even though it wasn’t my permanent bed. That says a lot.

Our seminarian friends’ first question at breakfast was if I heard someone playing the piano. Sorry but I slept through it – if LolaWi and I didn’t arrange to meet by my door at 6:45 I would have wanted to sleep in.

But I so badly wanted to have coffee before we ventured out for our morning photo shoot.

And speaking of ghosts? Naah . . . that’s just a foolish notion. A figment of an overworked imagination. I wouldn’t mind getting a room there again for a self-imposed retreat.

LolaWi hard at work, err I mean play

LolaWi hard at work, err I mean play

Too early to take photos - can't focus

Too early for me to take photos – can’t focus

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12 Responses to A night at the seminary

  1. Vivien says:

    the place sure is a perfect set up for meditation, contemplation and pondering about life…a beautiful place to take pictures of Fall,,,,yet….. (I would have loved to come, except can’t leave the )precious pets all by themselves for the night..)


  2. Vivien says:

    And also to have a “one on one” with God….


  3. arlene says:

    Lovely place, they have rooms for visitors? Hi LolaWi…


  4. bebs1 says:

    A great place for a religious retreat. The grounds, by the lake, among the trees, in your hotel room, quiet chapels.


  5. bebs1 says:

    They do Arlene. It is in a separate building. Seminarians can have their families/friends stay for free but when we were there, they have several groups billeted there. One group belongs to a Baptist congregation and some were attending military chaplains conference.


  6. arlene says:

    Wow, that’s nice, visiting a place to stay for a while to explore and meditate.


  7. viveka says:

    Very interesting place to stay, but I would felt very out of my comfort zone. But for you and your friend is was felt right – and I’m glad that you share your experience with me. I can see why you found it relaxing and comfortable, because of your beliefs. As you know I have met a ghost … and I think they are gentle souls really that want company and understanding.
    The last photo is amazing, just love the blurriness.


  8. bebs1 says:

    You’ve met a ghost Viveka? I would have a heart attack if that happens to me. Am glad my dear departed are all in peace. You are one brave person. But they say those that are not settled in heaven are asking for prayers. Thanks for liking my blurry photo. I like it too that’s why I didn’t delete it.


  9. lolaWi says:

    I really enjoyed the peace and quiet. You know you’re on holy grounds.


  10. bebs1 says:

    Me too and I felt very safe to even walk the grounds by yourself.


  11. fathersunny says:

    This time of the year, i miss Mundelein Seminary even more, coz it’s this time of the year that I have seen the prettiest colors there. That was my hatchery. 🙂 I still go back there to rediscover my roots.


  12. bebs1 says:

    Let’s go on a picture trip one day Fr. Sunny!


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