Daily Post WordPress Photo Challenge: Eerie

The photo challenge posted by Daily WordPress for this week is Eerie, in time for Halloween. Not for my favorite subject as I easily get scared. I am one who can’t even watch scary movies nor read mystery novels.

I am always spooked by cemeteries. Maybe because growing up our elders always scared us by stories of ghosts lurking around us just to get us to stay home after angelus. Growing up, our town in northern Philippines didn’t have any electricity yet. We had a gas lamp which shone brightly in the middle of our house but beyond that or under our house which is typical in the Philippines, the first floor was used for grain storage and it was dark. So for me cemeteries were synonymous with ghosts.

However, I’ve seen so many pictures of cemeteries in Ireland like it is just part of the landscape. It was only during our trip there that I started taking pictures of cemeteries. This one was taken in Aran. (No I take that back, I did take pictures of them while in the Cotswold but my photo files were sent home to the Philippines.)

Img2007-11-21 211658

Below I found the Lower Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone eerie in the midst of all that beauty around it. And yet if one reads the history of Yellowstone many went there to experience it, stories of pioneers cooking their food over the sulphuric hot springs or even color dyeing their clothes. It looked dangerous and lifeless and yet if you look hard enough they have their own beauty. At some points they are so colorful but many looked ashen and deadly. In many ways they are truly dangerous as shown by the many signs/warnings not to step beyond the safe perimeters for viewers.



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11 Responses to Daily Post WordPress Photo Challenge: Eerie

  1. Perfect BloggersTech says:
  2. Vivien says:

    cemeteries back home in the olden days are scary, but now the ones in the cities, they are like parks. the part of Yellowstone would the geyser looks barren and really eerie. Nice photos.


  3. Vivien says:

    oops correction: the part of Yellowstone where (instead of would)….


  4. bebs1 says:

    We don’t have a memorial park in Ilocos. But no matter what, I hate looking at cemeteries esp. at night even if they look like parks.


  5. bebs1 says:

    Thank you for the reblog.


  6. lolaWi says:

    The stillness in cemeteries of old is truly eerie. Today’s memorial parks are sensibly landscaped to excude peace and beauty.
    Given the history of these beautiful geysers, they are eerie.


  7. bebs1 says:

    Esp. that back home, municipal cemeteries are not cleaned round the clock like the memorial parks. They are mostly covered with weeds and cadena de amor (wildflower) until a family comes to visit.


  8. You’ve captured a very powerful perspective!


  9. Cemeteries scares me. So is being trapped inside a church alone at night. I was told souls that are not rested comes out at night crying, howling, making sounds that are terrifying. Although someone told me that it’s safer to be around the dead than being around the living. Hmm?


  10. bebs1 says:

    I think I could stay in church alone at night, I would feel very safe. Just pray for those lost souls, that’s all they need they say. And the irony is it could be true. Some people could do you harm while the dead is so stiff he couldn’t do anything no matter how mean he could have been in his past life.


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