In honor of the thousands that perished in the past earthquake, Haiyan superstorm and another storm coming, Zoraida, which will soon hit the same area where all these happened – Central Philippines, I would like to ask for your prayers that these people would not suffer any more than what they are going through now. I beg you, no matter of what religious persuasion you are and if you have the means to donate to international agencies for the victims, please do so.

My family and relatives live in the mainland of Luzon and were not affected to which I am truly grateful to Him. I have friends though from Central Philippines who are still worrying about their loved ones because they have not heard from them or are not yet accounted for.

The waiting must be very difficult and heart-wrenching for them especially if you see the numerous pictures posted in the news and FaceBook. I myself don’t want to see them anymore because it is too painful to see.

Am grateful too to have friends who are there who are doing the best they can to help the less fortunate.

Things will pass and they all shall rise from the devastation although the personal loss are staggering and will always be remembered.

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2 Responses to Prayers

  1. Very good/ OUR church and our denominations are sending help.


  2. bebs1 says:

    Oh that’s great! Our firm too has posted it in our bulletin – encouraging people to donate to the Red Cross and USAID. Am sure they will add to that as they usually do. I am still coordinating with my friends how to send future donations.


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