Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Three

Going through my album I thought I would have plenty of groupings in three to respond to Cee’s challenge this week. To my disappointment there weren’t too many.

Am feeling a bit under the weather now and really don’t know what to do – whether I should just grab my Kindle and finish the books I loaned from the library, do my laundry at the same time, or go out and do my errands, and feeling a bit hungry – food pictures are always attractive to me.

Maybe I will do my laundry and clean my room and read at the same time while dreaming about dim sum. But didn’t I imply I want to rest? If it isn’t too cold outside and if I feel better, going out would be better. But who knows, I might just do that later.




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9 Responses to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Three

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    You are making me hungry!! Great 3s for this challenge!


  2. Amy says:

    Delicious “three” post 🙂


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  4. bebs1 says:

    Thank you Cee! It had the same effect on me too. But I didn’t get it yesterday.


  5. bebs1 says:

    My favorite snack food! The equivalent of tapas in Chinese.


  6. bebs1 says:

    Really, if it is not too cold I’d drive to Chinatown right now.


  7. lolaWi says:

    yummm! maybe it’s time for a tripple crown treat! 🙂


  8. bebs1 says:

    I know but I think we need to try some place new.


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